Vinyl Liner Pool Mississippi

Lee Swimming Pools builds custom Polymer Walled vinyl liner swimming pools. Heres a link to our manufacturer.

Vinyl-liner inground pools, which are also called “packaged pools,” are constructed using core components like steps, braces, and wall panels. These components can be mixed and matched to create unique custom designs, depending on your backyard space and personal style preference.

Vinyl-liner swimming pools, which come in an extensive range of colors and patterns, have distinct advantages that make them ideal for many homeowners. Not only are vinyl inground pool liners crack-proof and highly durable, but they also offer a silky-smooth finish that feels soft to the touch.

Pool Liner Patterns

Why in the world would you even consider building a vinyl liner swimming pool in your backyard if the walls are made of wood? We get so many calls to replace or repair wood walls on vinyl liner pools in the mobile and baldwin county areas and I just ask the question, why would you build that pool to begin with?

Vinyl Liner pools can be a nice pool to own and the cost of a polymer vinyl liner pool isn’t that much more than a wood wall pool. Polymer walls typically come with long factory warranties and lets be honest, they really don’t have problelms. Below is a wood walled vinyl liner with obvious problems. These pools for some reason are being built in Mobile and surrounding areas.

Wood vinyl liner pool mobile

vinyl liner pool Gulfort

Now on the other hand, take a look at this polymer system.

Vinyl liner pool Mobile

Vinyl liner pool Mobile

My advice, spend the extra money up front and save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run by purchasing a polymer walled vinyl liner instead of a wood walled liner pool.