Fiberglass Tanning Ledges 

Our ultra-modern Custom Fiberglass Tanning Ledges are exclusively designed to accentuate many of our pool models. These versatile ledges can be used for more than just tanning; they can also be a great area for children to play. Every tanning ledge can be personally customized on site, allowing you the ability to create a unique aquascape in your very own backyard.

(TL1) Moroccan Tanning Ledge Ledge

9’6″ x 18′ – 10″ Deep

Stop wasting time and money on traveling to a tanning salon, when you own our Moroccan Tanning Ledge you can tan in style in your own backyard! The Moroccan measures 9’6″ x 18′ and is 10″ deep, providing a beautiful water feature for your outdoor space! The Moroccan Tanning Ledge is not only great for working on your tan, but can also be used as a lounging spot for soaking up the summer sun, and as a fun play area for kids! Like our other tanning ledge models, the Moroccan fits beautifully with our many Fiberglass Pools!

(TL2) Abacos / Cascade Tanning Ledge

8’6″ x 18′ – 10″ Deep

Do you love spending your summer days enjoying the outdoors and working on your tan? Our Abacos / Cascade Tanning ledge gives you the perfect excuse to do nothing but that all summer long! This stylishly designed tanning ledge is the perfect place to get that sun kissed summer tan, lounge the day away with a good book, or use as a play area for the kiddos! This beautifully designed tanning ledge is sure to give your outdoor space added elegance with its lovely water feature that can be customized to fit your family’s style!

(TL3) Tahiti Tanning Ledge

8’6″ x 18’6″ – 10″ Deep

Spend your days soaking up the summer sun with our stylish Tahiti Tanning Ledge! The Tahiti is designed to fit seamlessly with our various Fiberglass Pool models and gives your outdoor space a chic and stylish look. Not only is the Tahiti for tanning, it is also great for relaxing after swims, and can be used as a play area for the little ones!

(TL4) Freeform Tanning Ledge

9’6″ x 18′ – 10″ Deep

Start your summer off right with our Large Freeform Tanning Ledge Great for summer parties or just catching up on all that tanning you missed in the winter! This chic and stylish tanning ledge is sure to add class to your outdoors with its beautiful water feature, and fits perfect with our Fiberglass Pool models! The Freeform Ledge will provide fun and relaxation to your summer season as it is great for kicking back and lounging, as well as a creative outdoor play spot for kids!

(TL5) Rectangle Tanning Ledge

7’3″ x 13’9″ – 10″ Deep

Get the sun kissed tan you crave in the comfort of your own backyard with the 7’3″ x 13’9″ Rectangle Tanning Ledge. This deluxe 10″ deep tanning ledge is a perfect addition to our roman and rectangle pools adding luxury and style to any home! Whether sun bathing or just enjoying the warm summer rays, this lavish tanning ledge is sure to be a summer highlight for all!

(TL6) Paradise Bay Tanning Ledge

8’6″ x 19’6″ – 10″ Deep

Enjoy the warmth of the summer sun on your skin with the 8’6″ x 19’6″ Paradise Bay Tanning Ledge. This chic 10″ deep tanning ledge is the perfect way to not only enjoy the sweet summer sun but to add style and flair to your landscape! The Paradise Bay tanning ledge is a perfect complement to our many fiberglass pool models and is sure to have you feeling all the beach vibes all summer long!

(TL7) Laguna Tanning Ledge

9′ x 16’8″ – 10″ Deep

Love soaking up the sun but don’t have the time to drive to a beach? No worries. With the 9′ x 16’8″ Laguna tanning ledge you can create a beach day right in your own backyard! This 10″ deep ultra-stylish tanning ledge features beautiful flowing curves that will accentuate any landscape and is perfect for days of summer lounging, tanning and even a great play area for the kids!


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