June 25, 2017

Vinyl Liner Pools Mobile

Vinyl Liner Pools Mobile County Alabama

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Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool built in South Alabama


We build quality Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools in the Mobile County Area to include Mobile – Theodore – Saraland – Dauphin Island and all areas of Mobile County.

You want a pool that will combine innovative design with years of maintenance free quality. The latest technology. The greatest durability. The most complete palette of shapes and sizes and options that are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

You want the confidence of dealing with a company with 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of inground swimming pools and unshakable commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Vinyl liner pools, as opposed to concrete or fiberglass pools, are one of the more flexible and cost-efficient options available on the market.

Vinyl pools were invented in the 1950s and have become one of most popular types of pools in the northeastern United States thanks to their ability to withstand colder climates and greater levels of customization.  Some of the advantages of modern vinyl pools include:

Customization and Affordability

Unlike concrete or fiberglass pools, vinyl pools don’t need to be prefabricated as a single piece and can be manufactured and delivered in smaller sections that are either curved or straight. This allows homeowners to create customized pools that are tailored to their desired shape, size and depth specifications.

Vinyl Liner Pool Saraland

As far as up-front costs, vinyl pools are easier and cheaper to and install than those made of fiberglass or concrete. For long-term maintenance, replacing the vinyl pool liners (recommended approximately every 12 years) still runs only about half the cost of resurfacing a fractured concrete pool. Most vinyl liners also come with a warranty and 28 mil liners are stronger, longer lasting and overall better quality liners