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Fiberglass Pools in Mississippi are becoming a popular option. With many financing options and sizes and shapes to choose from, these pools area here to stay. We recently finished a pool in Bay St Louis on the river and it was finished and they were swimming in two weeks. Talk about a happy customer.

We also build fiberglass pools in Bay St Louis – Gulfport – Diamondhead – Picayune – Ocean Springs areas and Many More.

Heres what one of our manufacturers have to say about their pools:

  • Fast Installation. The largest part of any inground swimming pool project is actually building the swimming pool shell. The Sun Fiberglass Pools are built in the factory and arrive on site with a finished shell ready to be installed saving weeks of construction time.
  • Easy Operation. The Sun Fiberglass Pools feature a smooth comfortable interior surface that won’t snag your swimsuit or skin and require minimum chemical treatment. The pools surface won’t need to be replaced like a vinyl liner pool or acid washed or re-coated like a concrete pool. Lowest operating costs of any inground pool !!!
  • Unique Features. The Sun Fiberglass Pools have built in shallow end entry steps, underwater swim-out seating areas. The floor and steps of the pool feature a non-skid textured bottom. The pools have optional inlayed mosaic tile designs, waterline tile trim , built in waterfalls and color underwater lighting.
  • No Clear Coat. The Sun Fiberglass Pools have 3 solid color choices available, these solid colors are high grade marine finishes with a proven track record. Some fiberglass companies offer various color designs that all start with a clear coat base, the clear base will breakdown over time and cause the exposed surface to yellow or fog. The marine industry experimented with the clear coat for the bass boats in the late 80’s and found the clear top coat to be problematic for minor repairs and durability. The companies that offer these clear coat surfaces require the top rim of the pool to be poured over with concrete or what’s called cantilevering the concrete over the top rim of the pool adding thousands of dollars in installation costs.
  • No Resin Fillers. The Sun Fiberglass Pools are built using high grade marine FRP resin products. These products make the Sun Fiberglass Pool the most consistent product available today the exterior shell colors are uniform and not dyed, tinted or vary from pool to pool.
  • Hand Cut and Laid Materials. The Sun Fiberglass Products feature a critical point lamination process that utilizes hand cut sheet fabric for each swimming pool model. The industry has no real standard for the way a fiberglass pool is physically fabricated. We at Sun Fiberglass use a similar process to that of a high end yacht placing the structural material on across the pool shell from side to side instead of from one end to other, most companies lay the bulk glass on the pool from end to end using longer runs of material, or just use what’s called gun roving or chop glass that’s sprayed on the mold and controlled by the operator of the spray equipment. The Sun Fiberglass pool has craftsmanship you can visualize compared to the other brands that may be available the outside lamination is smooth and clean and not full of splinters the best in the business.
  • No Spreader Beams on shell. Most fiberglass pools are shipped with a belly band or spreader bar across the pool to hold it’s shape during the handling and installation. The critical point lamination process on the Sun Fiberglass Pools enables the pool to support itself and a spreader bar or belly band is not required to handle and place a Sun Pool.
  • Warranty. The Sun Fiberglass Pool features a: Lifetime Structural Pool Shell Warranty for each hand crafted pool shell. The interior surface has a 3 year warranty and the warranty is transferable within the first 36 months. The warranty is limited to the terms and conditions outlined in the Sun Fiberglass Products Shell Warranty Certificate delivered with each pool; this warranty does require registration with the corporate office.

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