Fiberglass Pools and Gunite Pools Gulfport, MS


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Fiberglass Pools vs Gunite in Gulfport, MS

So which swimming pool if the best choice for you and your family? Here are some of the pros and cons of fiberglass pools and gunite swimming pools. Fiberglass Pools are an easy choice in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Areas like Pensacola – Areas like Bay St Louis, Diamondhead, Gulfport, Biloxi and others are hot spots for Fiberglass Pools. The ease of installation make them an easy choice. Don’t rule Gunite out so easy though.


Gunite Swimming Pools do cost a little more by the time it is said and done, but they are truly a permanent inground installation. You can remodel the swimming pool throughout the years and make it look brand new again. That’s what I like most about these swimming pools. They are also easy to customize into any shape or size. Water features can be made while shooting Gunite. Tanning Ledges and spas are a part of the main pool structure which minimizes the chances for leaks and separations in the future. With that being said, Gunite swimming pools do have a few things that I don’t like. For example, the plaster does need to be refinished every 8-15 years. The floor will become rougher as time goes on. The annual maintenance of Gunite Pools is more than Fiberglass pools overall.

On the other hand, Fiberglass Pools stay smooth throughout the years. The only downside to this is when the surface does finally need to be refinished, you will not easily find someone to re gel coat your fiberglass shell. The ease of installation and low annual maintenance costs make this an appealing option. You are limited to sizes and shapes and tanning ledges and spas are separate structures all together. These areas are prone to leaking at the joints.

Things to consider before purchasing a swimming pool:

  1.  How fast do you want your swimming pool installed? Quick = Fiberglass
  2. Is this your permanent residence or retirement home? Permanent = Gunite
  3. Want a crazy shape or size, tanning ledges or custom seating? Gunite
  4. If your in a home your going to be in for 10-20 years and want easy install with some customization: Fiberglass is your best option.